Intranet Survey Template

How does your intranet add value?


This survey template will enable you to take stock of your intranet and uncover new ways in which it could add value to your business.

The template includes questions that will help you understand:

  • How informed your colleagues are about the wider business
  • How easy it is for them to connect and communicate with each other
  • How the intranet affects their productivity
  • How they use your current intranet
  • How much value they get from this tool

The questions will help you review your current intranet and serve as a benchmark for future improvements.

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Asking the right questions

We help you think about the different types of questions you may want to ask and the way that you ask them. Open questions will give you the resons why something is happening and enable you to explore this further. After conducting an intranet survey, follow up with some key stakeholders to gain greater insights from your intranet audience.

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