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Why You Need
Intranet UX

Register for our webinar: Why You Need Intranet UX, Weds 11th September, 11am GMT.

UX has been a buzzword for a while now but what does intranet UX mean and why do we need it? Join our webinar to discover more about intranet UX and have your questions answered.

Join us for this 30 minute webinar where our lead Digital Product Designer, Amy Lewis who will be discussing intranet UX and answering your UX related questions.

Who should join the webinar?

This webinar is for anyone who is involved in the steering and evolution of your intranet project including your Intranet Manager, Content Contributors and Intranet Administrators.

During the webinar we will be looking at:

  • The definition of intranet UX
  • Intranet UX best practice
  • How to implement UX practices
  • Top tips to take away
  • Planning for the future

There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions, so do think about what you would like to get out of this session.

Register For Our Why You Need Intranet UX Webinar. 11th September, 11am GMT