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South Wales Police Step Two Global Intranet Award Winners[Webinar]

18th October 2018 3pm GMT..

Sign up for our exciting webinar, to discover how South Wales Police underwent a digital transformation and became global intranet award winners.

Nick Allport, Lead Developer at South Wales Police will be joining our own Jeremy Stewart to talk about their intranet journey and the creation of "BOB" their new intranet that has transformed the way the police force works.

South Wales Police Step Two Global Intranet Award Winners Webinar

Join us for this great webinar, where you will:

  • Learn how South Wales Police, approached their intranet project as part of their digital transformation.
  • Find out how they uncovered their user requirements with the help of SORCE.
  • Discover what makes their intranet "BOB" award winning.
  • Learn from their challenges and how they overcame them.
  • Find out what's next for BOB.

Introducing BOB

This webinar is brought to you by SORCE and South Wales Police. During this session you will learn about "BOB" a feature rich, engaging and dynamic intranet. BOB is used by 9,000 to 10,000 people at South Wales and Gwent Police, of which over 300 are regular content contributors. 

South Wales Police are the largest police force in Wales and although geographically small, covering around 812 square miles, equating to 10% of the geographical area of wales, South Wales Police provide a service to 1.3 million people (42% of the country's population).

  • Meet The Speakers...

  • Jeremy Stewart, Head of Business Development,  SORCE Ltd. Jeremy applies our industry expertise to helping clients and prospective clients understand the value of a successful digital workplace, and help existing clients maximise the return on their investment.

  •  Nick Allport, Lead Developer, South Wales Police.  Nick has led the digital transformation project at South Wales Police and is  the Project lead for the creation and management of BOB.