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Intranet & Digital Workplace [Webinar]19th September 2018 2:00pm GMT..

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Join us at our latest webinar to:

  • ensure you are equipped to deliver a successful digital workplace intranet
  • understand the process you go through to achieve this
  • explore the technology factors that enable it to happen

You will leave knowing the key stages you need to plan your own intranet or digital workplace project.

Intranet & Digital Workplace [Webinar] 19th September, Book Now ...

Is the Intranet & Digital Workplace webinar right for you?

  • Are you responsible for your intranet or digital workplace, part of the team or tasked with introducing a new system to your business?
  • Do you understand the difference between an intranet and a digital workplace?
  • Do you know the value a new intranet and digital workplace can bring to your business and are keen to take the next step and are looking for some insight from experts and fellow professionals?
  • If the answer is yes to these questions then our Digital Workplace Success Showcase is for you.

During our webinar you will:

This Intranet & Digital Workplace webinar is brought to you by SORCE. During this session we will cover everything you need to  think about when planning your intranet and digital workplace project, and demonstrate the benefits that a modern digital workplace can bring to your business. Here at SORCE we have been digital workplace experts since 2001.  During this session you will:


  • Meet The Speakers...

  • Martyn Green, SORCE Ltd, Intranet & Digital Workplace Consultant has over 19 years experience working with senior managers on intranet and digital workplace strategy, requirements gathering workshops, training and coaching managers to get the best out of their solution. Martyn has spanned the globe delivering or assisting with over 300 intranets complementing different cultures, languages and geographical challenges. This unique experience allows him to share the best practices on planning, deployment, user experience and after care. Over 6 years ago he developed the first complete intranet and digital workplace journey methodology which has proven to be highly successful and continues to be updated and used today.


Martyn Green SORCE