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Discover the 86 top intranet names

Are you looking for inspiration on how to name your new intranet?

Naming your new intranet plays a big part in gaining employee engagement. Not only can your colleagues get involved in naming your intranet as you deliver the project but a great name will also help everyone connect with your new intranet.

Deciding on a new name can be tricky, by downloading our 86 Top Intranet Names you will be able to:

  • Understand the 3 different naming approaches most commonly used
  • Start thinking about which approach is right for you
  • Access our list of the top 86 names to get you started
  • Learn how to shortlist and and provide context

To download our Top 86 Intranet Names just fill out your details and you can start reading our guide straightaway.

Download your top 86 intranet names