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How to Conduct Intranet Stakeholder Interviews

Are you looking to conduct your own intranet stakeholder interviews but not sure where to start?

Making sure your stakeholder interviews are well planned and structured are essential to ensuring that you get the information you need to inform the decisions you need to make about your intranet.

By downloading our How to Conduct Intranet Stakeholder Interviews guide you will be able to:

  • Understand the value stakeholder interviews can add to your project

  • Start thinking about which approach is right for you

  • Access our step by step guide to conducting a stakeholder interview

  • Adapt our sample interview questions to your own business

  • Learn how to analyse the results and how they can shape your intranet

To download our How to Conduct Intranet Stakeholder Interviews guide just fill out your details and you can start reading our guide straight away.

Download your How to Conduct Intranet Stakeholder Interviews guide