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Housing Association Intranet Summit Part 1

20th May 2pm..

The UK's first Housing Association Intranet Summit has gone digital.

Join us and guest speakers for the first of our 2 part webinar series for our unique Housing Association Intranet Summit for SORCE clients and Housing professionals.

This 45 minute session is packed full of industry insight, knowledge sharing and the chance to see some of the best Housing Association intranets in action.

Hosted by Richard Collingwood from Riverside Housing and our very own Jeremy Stewart, this session will help you:

  • Understand latest trends and see how you can adapt your own intranet to your changing workplace
  • Gain insight into how Riverside Housing are incorporating user research to guide their intranet user experience
  • Discover how you can embrace change and future proof your intranet with continual development
  • Discover how to keep your intranet one step ahead of your workplace 
Is our Housing Association Intranet Summit event right for you?
  • Are you a UK Housing Association and client of SORCE?
    Or do you work with or for a UK Housing Association?
  • Are you responsible for your intranet or work within HR, Comms, Marketing or IT?
  • Would you like to understand more about the intranet challenges this sector faces and learn from other UK Housing Associations?
  • If the answer is yes to these questions then our Housing Association Intranet Summit event is for you.

Why join this webinar?  This unique event brings together the UK's leading Housing Associations for an inspiring and educational event for both clients of SORCE and the wider Housing Association community. This event has been created in response to a growing demand for a UK wide Housing Intranet event.


Housing Association Intranet Summit Part 1 Webinar. 20th May 2pm



Meet the Speakers:

Richard Collingwood, Riverside,
Brand & Digital Manger: 

Richard is responsible for managing and developing the digital marketing strategy for one of the UK's largest housing providers with more than 56,000 homes. Previous to this role, Richard spent 8 years in the policing sector leading on several pioneering digital projects, helping to transform the way modern policing operates.



Jeremy Stewart, Head of Business Development: SORCE

As head of business development, Jeremy applies our industry expertise to helping prospective clients understand the value of a successful intranet, and helping existing clients maximise the return on their investments. Jeremy has a passion for golf and regularly continues on his quest for an elusive hole in one.