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How to Review & Plan Your Intranet Post Covid-19

8th July 10:30am...

As we slowly emerge out of lockdown, many are realising just how important their intranet is in communicating, connecting colleagues and sharing vital business information. Your business processes may have changed, you may have furloughed staff or you may be offering health and wellbeing support. 

Don't worry if it's been tough going, now is the time to review your intranet and plan future developments to overcome your challenges and adjust to your changing business needs.

Hosted by our very own Martyn Green and John Nicklin, this webinar will offer insight, advice and guidance as to how organisations are taking stock of their intranet's performance and role within their organisation; how some have taken quick action where needed to ensure their intranet is up to the task of being their go to source for critical business information and news.

During this 30 minute webinar you will:

  • Understand the role intranets have played during this pandemic
  • Gain insight into how organisations have adapted their intranets and are planning for change
  • Discover tips and tricks you can use to evaluate your own intranet
  • Learn how to start intranet planning in these uncertain times

If you would like to join this webinar, simply register and you will receive the webinar access details. 




  • Meet your hosts...


John Nicklin, Managing Director: SORCE

As the Managing Director of SORCE John has spearheaded the company’s growth to one of the UK’s largest intranet software suppliers. John Is immersed in our changing digital workplace and ensuring our Engage intranet software is ahead of the game when it comes to challenges.


Martyn Green, Operations Director: SORCE

    • Martyn Green has over 19 years experience working with senior managers on intranet strategy, requirements gathering workshops, training and coaching managers to get the best out of their solution. Martyn has spanned the globe delivering or assisting with over 300 intranets complementing different cultures, languages and geographical challenges. This unique experience allows him to share the best practices on planning, deployment, user experience and after care. Over 6 years ago he developed the first complete intranet journey methodology which has proven to be highly successful and continues to be updated and used today.

    Martyn's experience has helped companies such as Thomas Cook, EDF Energy, West London Mental Health NHS Trust, Manchester United Football Club, One Stop, Barclay's Bank, VW and many more.