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How Your Intranet Can Support Your Onboarding Post Covid-19

17th June 11am....

Whilst we slowly emerge from Lockdown and organisations evaluate their business processes, for many how to recruit and onboard new staff safely will be a high priority.

Hosted by our very own John Nicklin, this webinar will be looking at the challenges facing organisations around the recruitment and onboarding process during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and how to overcome them.

During this  30 minute webinar you will gain insight into the current challenges facing recruitment and onboarding, and learn how your intranet can support your business.




  • Meet your hosts...


John Nicklin, Managing Director: SORCE

As the managing director of SORCE John has spearheaded the company’s growth to one of the UK’s largest intranet software suppliers. John Is immersed in our changing digital workplace and ensuring our Engage intranet software is ahead of the game when it comes to challenges.