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How Your Intranet Can Support Your Return to Work Plan

10th June 2pm.


The Government have announced their easing of lockdown restrictions, as the timing and nature of any relaxation of restrictions is uncertain. It is important that organisations start to consider all the options and have a plan to move quickly from one scenario to another.

Employers need to plan now for what is likely to be a staged return to the workplace over what could be prolonged periods. The guiding principle should be how organisations take care of their people and safeguard their health and wellbeing. This should be at the heart of any decisions and plans that organisations make.

This 30 minute webinar looks at how your intranet can help support and focus everyone in delivering an effective long term return to work plan for your organisation.




  • Meet your hosts...


John Nicklin, Managing Director: SORCE

As the managing director of SORCE John has spearheaded the company’s growth to one of the UK’s largest intranet software suppliers. John Is immersed in our changing digital workplace and ensuring our Engage intranet software is ahead of the game when it comes to challenges.



  • Jeremy Stewart, Head of Business Development: SORCE

    As head of business development, Jeremy applies our industry expertise to helping prospective clients understand the value of a successful intranet, and helping existing clients maximise the return on their investments. Jeremy has a passion for golf and regularly continues on his quest for an elusive hole in one.