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What is a Digital Workplace? [Webinar]

Register online to join our What is a Digital Workplace webinar where you can discover what it is and why you can't ignore it.

12th March 2020 10:00am to 10:45am GMT

The days of the workplace being  just a physical place where employees sat during 9 to 5 are long gone. Today, businesses are continuously looking to improve the way they connect and engage with their employees and each other to drive productivity, improve retention and drive innovation.

To support this, businesses are transforming the way they operate, from everyday business practices, to how they use their intranets to creating their Digital Workplace. 

Join Martyn Green for this 30 minute webinar to discover more about the Digital Workplace and helping you understand what's right for your business.

During the webinar we will be looking at:

- Understand what a Digital Workplace is and what it's not
- How to put into context for your own business
- Discover the bigger picture and what really matters
- Real life examples


Register: What is a Digital Workplace? [Webinar]